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Are you ready to transform your body and learn how to maintain your results?

Building A Better Body 12 week Transformation program has been designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to get real results.

You’re not just signing up for a program that will leave you guessing and trying to figure out what to do as you progress. We will walk you through your program with 12 Weeks of personalized nutritional coaching, customized strength building exercises and meal plans specific to your individual needs.

Online Personal Training


We offer One-On-One personal training for those individuals who are looking for more exclusive training. Your trainer will devote 30 or 60 minutes of exclusive training to help you meet your fitness goals. The decision to keep fit requires a lifelong commitment of time and effort.

Unless you are convinced of the benefits, you will not be motivated to take care of your body. We start at your level and increase as you grow in your endurance. Bodies by Bristol will create a routine that is based on each individual’s needs, including limitations caused by injuries or medical conditions. Our focus is to evaluate each condition and help all reach their physical fitness goals.

Chester Personal Fitness Trainer


We offer One–on–One Boxing sessions for those individuals looking to perfect the art of boxing or just want to improve their fitness endurance.

You will have the opportunity to train with one of the best-qualified boxing instructors who will teach you how to develop mental toughness, eye-hand coordination, discipline, command response, self – defense and all the proper boxing techniques. When it comes to biomechanical movements boxing is the best-targeted core training. It’s a great form of exercise that will give you an intense total body workout.

Vineland Personal Fitness Trainer


Many people do not like to work out alone, but are with intimated with large groups. Bodies by Bristol offers Partner sessions that consist of 2 to 4 people at a time, at half the cost of a 1 – on – 1 session. We find that this type of training is very effective and helps promote motivation, encouragement, teamwork, and camaraderie among our clientele.

Bodies by Bristol is committed to providing safe and focused training in a learning fitness environment. Any physical activity should have a starting point, which varies according to the individual’s physical state. We believe in progression can modify any exercise and progress as you grow.

Small Group Training Marlton


Fitness Boot Camp class combines resistance training, cardiovascular training, and sport specific drills. Our Boot Camp class is a great way to increase strength, boost aerobic capacity, improve flexibility, lose weight, and break through plateaus!

You will be inspired and motivated regardless of your fitness level. We emphasize exercising safely so we modify exercises as needed according to your physical development. What’s most important is being safe while having fun, and completing the challenge. It takes discipline to be successful and our trainers will provide a plan for success in your physical fitness goals.

Small Group Training Marlton


If you’re athletic and looking to improve your skills in a particular sport, Bodies by Bristol can help you achieve success. Our sports specific training is geared toward athletes of all ages.

We offer functional training that helps target specific body systems to strengthen our athletes in whatever sport they are interested in. Sports such as; MMA, wrestling, boxing marathon running, football, soccer, field hockey, cheerleading, baseball, tennis, racquetball, basketball and more.

Small Group Training Marlton


As we take a look at the FMS functional movement screening, the foundation starts with mobility and stability. We look at the movement patterns to help to identify how well the body can move in certain positions as well as looking for issues, injures and dysfunction.

Once we identified what the issues are, we now can start the corrective process, this is the ground work applied to each individual to help them get better.

Now that the ground work is done we can focus more on performance, which is the next step in the pyramid, from here we are able to put together progressions that’s really help our clients in their most optimal performance.

What is the goal? Whether you’re a young athlete, former athlete, professional athlete, or for the average person looking for the health benefits, we train all for an overall optimal performance.

Now that we improve on our performance, we move up the pyramid to the high skill level. This is where power, speed and explosive movements are applied through all kinds of exercises. So when we look at functional performance the baselines are set to prevent injury and keep all safe and moving well.

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